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22 April 2010 @ 10:42 am
Origins of life  
I read about modern theories about the origin of life today and something jumped out at me:


They also thought that metabolism started before anything else. perhaps a primitive form of the citric acid cycle. But this pales in comparison to the revelation about vents.


Because most of the life we see and consider important around us is not powered by the geothermal power of the earth's core. We are powered by the SUN.

Which means that life first evolved using primarily energy from the earth's core and THEN subsequently developed the ability to utilize energy from the sun to power itself.

This kind of blows my mind since I've always thought of the sun as so central to life. But, actually, although the sun may have helped in some way by heating up the earth enough for water to develop providing a nice medium for the mixing of hot magma. life didn't need it to develop:

Nope. We didn't need it.

What?! WHAT?!

This is so huge. It is like finding out your father is not your biological father. The huge glaring object that sustains us is not our origin.

If this doesn't make you think that something life-like or pre-life like could be present in the area surrounding any energy radiating body than you certainly do not think like me, because that's what I'm thinking right now.